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How To Reach Us

U.S. Distributor Information

We work with the industry's top distributors.  To find a distributor or retailer near you, visit their websites for locations and additional information.

 Composites One  847.437.0200  Visit Website
 Fiberglass Coatings  800.272.7890  Visit Website
 Advanced Plastics  Various Numbers  Visit Website
 Carbon Core  494-227-0839  Visit Website
 Fiberlay  800.942.0660  Visit Website
 Whitaker  404.355.8220   Visit Website

General Inquiries

Arjay is a Division of
IPS Adhesives

600 Ellis Road
Durham, NC 27703 USA

TEL: +1.919.598.2400

FAX: +1.919.598.2434

2020/2021 Show Information

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be attending any shows until further notice.  Please watch your email for information regarding any virtual participation or other opportunities.

Can’t wait ?  Call us or send us a message using the contact form on this page.

Need More Information?

Can’t find a distributor?  Have another question?  Send us your inquires here.  For product tech support click here.