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SG5000 for Mold Repair

Get molds back into production in as little as 8 hours (instead of days) with SG5000. Learn more about this new use that's saving time and money.


Stringers to Hull | Bulkhead Bonding


7121 Vinyl Ester

One of our most popular compounds, our versatile 7121 will quickly become your go-to for your most critical bonds.

Hard Tops | Sandwich Bonds


4501 J-Core Line

3 viscosities and an average of 5 lbs/gallon, J-Core has helped boat builders get the strong bond without the extra weight.

Transom Repair | Securing Hardware


6011 Ceramic Pourable

6011 is the go-to product in the marine repair industry for rebuilding rotting transoms. But that's not all it can do.

Multi-Substrate | Structural Bonds


SG230 Marine Structural

Minimal suface prep, flexible working times, and reduced emissions mean a tough, nearly odorless bond on your terms.


NEW!  Fiberglass Mold Repair

SG5000 Mold Repair

Fiberglass mold repair just got faster and easier. Rapid cure times means molds can be back in production in hours instead of days.

Filling Strakes | General Bonding


2011 Medium Weight

All medium weight putties are NOT created equal. Find out how we've perfected a resin-available formula to create the perfect bond.

Tight Radii | Transitioning Style Lines


2121 Radius Compound

Our radius compound helps you avoid air pockets and the resulting cracking that comes along with it. That means a lot less finish work.

Larger Parts | Higher Viscosity


5121 Premium Radius

Our premium radius compound features a higher viscosity which allows you to use a brush to put it right where you want it. Perfect when working with larger parts.

Core Bonding | FRP Laminates


4001 Core Bonding

A strong bond for cores and more that can still flex enough under the pressure of high seas and hold things together.

2 Part Molds | Hatch Cosmetics


4901 Lam Light

4901 can be used as the primary laminating resin in two part compression applications for producing small parts.

Topside Applications | UV Resistance


SG100 UV Resistant

Topside bonding applications that can benefit from UV resistance, need SG100 adhesive. It's easy to work with and can take on the sun.

High Vibration Areas


3401 Glass Fiber

Great for high vibration areas such as engine room and speaker assemblies or cabinets. More info coming soon