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Arjay 6011:
Transoms Don't Get
Any Stronger

Today’s transoms shoulder more weight
and power than ever before.
When failure is not an option, 6011 is ready.


This is The Future of Performance Bonding

In formulating some of the composite industry’s strongest bonding compounds, we’ve always kept a focus on the future and what’s next.  And now that we’ve combined our 40+ years of experience with SCIGRIP’s, we are able to provide the right solution for nearly every case.  Let us show you the future and help you build your best boats!

NEW! 6011 How-To PROtip


Using 6011

Learn the recommended way to pour the perfect transom every time. Our new how-to PROtip has you covered.
Click here for downloadable PDF

Stringer to Hull | Bulkhead Bonding

7121 Vinyl Ester

One of our most popular compounds, our versatile 7121 will quickly become your go-to for your most critical bonds.

Multi-Substrate | Structural Bonds


SG230 Marine Structural

Minimal suface prep, flexible working times, and reduced emissions mean a tough, nearly odorless bond on your terms.



Transom Repair
with Arjay 6011


J-Core 4501


When used in hardtops, can help significantly reduce the overall weight of the boat

Multiple Viscosities Available

Use 4501 HV and XHV to control the flow of regular J-Core to prevent ingress into cavities meant for electronics, etc.